The main point of the video (and hence the research it is talking about) is this: that monetary incentives work best when simple, mechanical tasks are what is being rewarded. However, whenever there is even a small amount of cognitive work to be done, then monetary incentives either do not help at all, or often de-motivate the workers. Instead, the better motivators are intrinsic ones, ones that come from within the person, like self-direction, mastery, and purpose.

This is significant because our society is generally not directed this way. However, a Technate absolutely relies on it. Since virtually all simple, mechanical tasks would be automated, the only real work left would be the ones people want to do, would challenge them, and would really mean something. So a Technate seems best suited to the behaviour of human beings after all. Here is an article on this site that goes into this in depth and shows how it relates to Technocracy, along with several examples of this at work even today.