Peak Oil and Technocracy

What is Technocracy?

Really, the answer to this question is the main point of the rest of this website. But to answer this question briefly in the context of Peak Oil, Technocracy is an economic system designed to address the problems created by continued use of advanced technology under a scarcity-based system, such as the one we have today. Technology has given us amazing abilities to do things both good and bad, but our economic system compels its use in destructive and short-sighted ways. One of these ways is the exponentially growing consumption of limited resources like oil, which has led us to our current predicament. It is not this system's fault, really, it is just that it is simply incompatible with a post-industrial system of production such as the one we have.

Since Technocracy was designed to address this problem, it was made to be a sustainable system, that is, one that can remain stable given the framework of our available resources. This makes it a perfect solution to our Peak Oil problem, because any given resources would only be used at a rate equal to or less than it's ability to be regenerated. This goes for oil, water, breathable air, food, minerals, everything.

Under the current economic system, to attempt sustainability would require a drastic reduction in resources and energy consumed, and due to the vast inefficiencies of this system, not only would a drastic reduction in lifestyle need to occur (basically most of us going back to living on the farm without things like TV, or even electricity), but that lifestyle simply cannot sustain our current population numbers, and a large percentage of North American citizens would die as a result, one way or another.

Technocracy on the other hand has the ability to operate so much more efficiently that we can maintain our standard of living, even improve upon it, and do so virtually indefinitely. How can this be so? Well, the answer to that is fairly big, so expect to have to spend a little time learning it, but that is what this site and community are here for, to make this as easy for you as possible.

As for how it will solve Peak Oil, read the next article for a brief look at that answer.