The Technocracy Katascopic Project

The primary goal of the TKP is to produce a Katascopic Plan that will allow anyone interested to participate in the education of North America about Technocracy and Post-Scarcity Economics, as well as research new information in order to help in this and actually achieving the Technate. By using the Katascopic Process, the TKP aims to do this in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Prior to the TKP, virtually all Technocracy projects have been organized anascopically; that is to say, little to not at all. Most of the projects have been performed by individual members of Technocracy Inc. or other interested parties, either on their own, or with a small handful of others. As seen in the previous article, this anascopic approach is not the optimum method for achieving our goals, and while the efforts of all these individuals are both commendable and appreciated, as anyone can see, they have really amounted to very little in the end.

The TKP seeks to do away with this approach. It will do this by providing a framework that all interested people can contribute to, and benefit from. By doing things katascopically, all of our combined efforts will both see results many times greater than would be otherwise possible, and at only a fraction the cost in resources (time, people, money, etc.) It is time that we as Technocrats began to "walk the talk", and "practice what we preach", by using the very scientific methods that we are always telling others we should be using.

This project, like any katascopic project, is divided into two fundamental phases. The first phase is the Development Phase. In this phase, the actual katascopic plan itself must be designed. This is not unlike the drawing of blueprints, or making a program for a computer. For a better look at how this will be done, you can read this article. Each person contributing to the project during this phase will be helping to develop the plan. It is not a complicated process, but it does require a lot of tedious work. For this reason and others, the more people we have working on the plan at this phase, the faster it will be completed and the better it will turn out. Also, each additional person added to the project makes it that much easier for everyone else to work on it, much like many people trying to lift a heavy object. With enough people, it becomes almost effortless.

To accomplish this goal, we will be using sophisticated web-based software both for the plan development, as well as project coordination. This will allow members of the project to contribute to it regardless of where they are, or what computer they are using. You will be able to keep up to date on all KP and project changes, communicate with fellow members in a number of ways, and organize your work. We are constantly working to make all of this as easy and productive as possible, so our "Internal Research" is directed towards this goal.

The second phase of project will be the Implementation Phase. In this phase, the now completed plan will be carried out, like running a computer program. The end result of any katascopic plan is a list of tasks that need to be done, and the priority each should be done in. This list of tasks will include who will be needed to perform the tasks, as well as what other resources will be needed as well. Lastly it provides step-by-step instructions for doing everything we will need to do, from making pamphlets, designing webpages, talking to the public and media, as well as maintaining the plan, and updating it as needed. By putting in all this work ahead of time into Phase 1, Phase 2 becomes as easy as it can be, making the entire project, and all of its activities happen basically automatically. It's essentially all downhill from there.

If doing all this work in phase one seems a little daunting to you, you may want to remember the words of Sun Tzu, who said that the ideal general is one who wins the war before battle begins. Thus, before we actually embark on any one action or activity, we should have as complete of a plan as possible in order to best position our very scarce resources where they will best be used for the greatest effect. By putting in this work ahead of time, we not only maximize our chances of success, but also will be able to carry out all projects and parts of the plan more quickly, and far more easier then we would otherwise.

Success of this project depends on you. Are you ready to help make that happen?