The Technical side of Technocracy's administration is far more complicated than its Democratic side. Here is where all decisions involving the production and distribution of goods and services is determined using only objective and scientific methods. These methods are nothing new, and have in fact been in use in the technical department of virtually every company and organization that deals with the development, production, or service of technology. The reason for this way of doing things is simple: machines only behave in logical, scientific ways. Therefor, in order to get the maximum benefit from them, they must be implemented in only one, best way, given your goals. The types of decisions made by this administration might include:

  • How to distribute a given amount of power to an entire country using the least amount of resources (human and otherwise), while maximizing safety and reliability. (How much power would be determined by the Democratic side.)
  • What materials and technologies are best used for this power goal.
  • Which people are the best suited for the type of work needed to carry out this objective.

As you might surmise, this topic can get somewhat complicated, but additional information is provided in both the links above, as usual, and the links that follow, which explain the process more in depth.

For a better look at how the Democratic and Technical sides of Technocracy work together, simplified, click here.

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