Technocracy is not going to take over!

Many of those who have investigated Technocracy have asked the following questions:
  • What is/are Technocracy/the Technocrats going to do when they take over?
  • How does Technocracy plan to overthrow the government?
  • When will the Technocrats be in power?
  • Will the leaders of Technocracy Inc. become the leaders of the new Technocratic government?

If any of these questions have ever entered you mind, or if you already believe one or more of them to be answered in your mind, then the advice I would give you is to simply forget all of it!

Technocracy has no plans to overthrow the government. Technocracy is not going to "take over" like so many other political groups (in fact Technocracy is not political in any way). The members and officers of Technocracy Inc. are no more or less likely to become the leaders of the new Technate of North America than you who are reading this web page right now. This, no doubt may come as a shock to many readers.

Technocracy is an educational and research organization. It seeks to research the problems caused by technology on our society and provide solutions for them. Technocracy is not a political group that seeks office, power, or a place in government, either the current one or any future one. If you read more on how the selection of positions occurs in a functional Technate (elsewhere on this site and in Technocracy literature), you would find that only those most capable of their jobs are selected for their positions. It is not based on popularity, corporate backing, wealth, heritage, or simply being on the "winning team" that these leaders obtain their position. Technocrats have long stated that they would be no more qualified for such positions based on their work in Technocracy than any other North American. Once a Technate was established and leader selection became needed, these members of the "former" organization Technocracy (which would disband once the Technate was installed) would be on equal footing for these positions with all other citizens.