Technocracy Research

This is a page for anyone who wants a good understanding of Technocracy. While you do not need to know every little bit of it, it has long been realized that a certain minimum of information is required before a person truly understands the idea. There comes a point for every such person where it stops being a confusing subject and a kind of "ah-ha!" happens, and it all starts to make sense. Before that point, Technocracy may seem confusing, impractical, utopian, misguided, or even foolish. Only a person well versed in all of Technocracy's various parts and how they fit together can decide whether or not that is true, or if it is instead the most important idea of our age.

It is highly recommended that you read all the following articles, if you have not already.

Technocracy's Analysis

  • Why Technocracy? - Information Brief #28, the core reason why Technocracy is needed in any technological society
  • Economic Eras - Another perspective on why Technocracy is needed now.
  • Man-Hours and Distribution - A more in-depth and mathematical approach to examining the problems facing North America. Read this if you still aren't sure Technocracy is necessary.
  • The Ecology of Man - A look at the impact of the Price System on the environment.
  • Peak Oil - A relatively new problem that makes Technocracy all the more necessary, the understanding of which is essential.
  • Why The Purchasing Power is Not Maintained - A graphical look at how a Price System economy works, and its cyclical nature

Technocracy's Design


A general look at Technocracy's approach, and what makes it different from other economic systems.
  • What Technocracy Is Not - Dispelling any misconceptions or other definitions of Technocracy.
  • Technocracy Comparative - Puts all social systems into perspective, and where Technocracy fits in.
  • Glossary - Make sure that you are familiar with these terms.
  • Issues - See how Technocracy deals with various social issues.


Examines specific design proposals by Technocracy.
  • Energy Accounting - Information Brief #29, a brief overview of Energy Accounting
  • The Energy Certificate - Goes into more depth about how Energy Accounting works, but since it was written in the 1930s, does not take into account modern technology that would make this even easier. For a technological update on Energy Accounting, see here?.
  • How Technocracy Works - A simplified presentation showing Energy Accounting in action. However, since you are looking for more in-depth information, you should make sure that you read all the sub-articles contained in the presentation in order to thoroughly understand each topic.


  • Technocracy: Technological Continental Design - This booklet gives a very good overview of Technocracy's conclusions, basic, and specific characteristics, such as how it would deal with agriculture, manufacturing, communications, etc.
  • Technocracy Study Course - The most thorough look into Technocracy's research and scientific basis. You can request a copy for download by contacting Kolzene.