Questions Answered, cont.


Neither inflation nor deflation offers a permanent fix for the current capital/debt crisis. Fundamental problems persist as automation continues to eliminate jobs, and unemployment threatens social stability.

It is the position of Technocracy that North America's economic crisis cannot be solved within the Price System. We have automated too many of us out of gainful employment.

Purchasing power must now be distributed as a right of citizenship. Money, as we have seen, has failed in this function. America's capacity to produce an abundance precludes the use of money in the future. It can only be done by using the only physical measurement of economic activity: extraneous energy units (non-human energy).


A more complete analysis of the Operating Characteristics of a Price System is available in the original Study Course of Technocracy Inc. It covers the evolution of primitive systems through the complexities of modern systems. This understanding can be had nowhere else.

But this is only part of the whole picture. We are moving rapidly into a "high-tech" society, the nature of which has been outlined by Technocracy Inc. This will entail a fundamental change of direction in our society. The nature and magnitude of that change can only be understood by investigating Technocracy's Technological Continental Design, available throughout this website.

7 June 1997. Walter Fryers.

Edited by Bill DesJardins 3 December, 2010.

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