Peak Oil and Technocracy

Many people are growing concerned over our dependence on oil and other petroleum products, and our ever-dwindling supplies of them. They are right to be so concerned, because these supplies cannot last forever. Many other people are proposing solutions to this problem (while others deny that it is a problem at all), so it may be worth examining these issues and what Technocracy has to say about them.

In short, no solution yet proposed seems to be adequate to maintaining the North American lifestyle of energy and petroleum product consumption, except Technocracy. Technocracy, with its emphasis on resource-use efficiency (elimination of waste) and providing the highest standard of living possible to its citizens, may be the only answer that does not involve either vastly diminishing our way of life, nor risking having it diminished for us when supplies of these vital resources start to run out. It is as we often say, the best of both worlds.

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