Peak Oil and Technocracy

What is Peak Oil?

Oil has been an essential resource for most of the past century. It helps power and light our homes, grow our crops, is used in countless products for packaging or part of the main casing, and perhaps most significantly, powers our transportation. Over the past 100 years we have seen an incredible increase in the use of oil, not only as a source of energy, but for many other applications as well. It has become such an important part of our lives that it would be difficult to imagine life without it.

Yet oil and other fossil fuels are not infinite resources, nor are they renewable. With regular consumption, these supplies will run out. The only question is when? This question has received a lot of attention over the past several decades, and the answers we get are becoming increasingly grim.

But it is not actually running out of oil that is our problem. Instead, the problem will be when our ability to produce oil stops growing. At that point, it will become increasingly harder to both find new sources and extract from already discovered ones. This is called the peak of oil production, or more simply, Peak Oil.

What happens after the peak oil event is what we should all be concerned about. The price of oil will rise dramatically, and this means so will the price of all products and services that use oil as part of either their production or distribution. In case this does not seem much of a problem to you, consider these things: that oil is essential to the production of most fertilizers used by farmers in North America; that oil is used to make all manner of plastics, which are used in many products today as part of the product itself, or most products in the form of packaging; that oil is used to power the trucks and other vehicles that transport all products from their place of manufacture to stores; and that oil is used to power all the cars that most people rely on every day to go about their daily business.

With a sharp and forever increase in virtually all prices, the purchasing power of each person will go down accordingly, and thus so will their standard of living. This will decrease the amount spent, thus making many businesses no longer able to operate at full capacity, or even at all. The resulting lay-offs will produce even more poverty, and hence less spending, and so on, until everything comes to a grinding halt, and modern technological civilization is no more.

Much consideration is given to what are called "alternative fuels". Most people currently believe that these alternative sources of fuel will minimize and later reverse the problems beset on us by Peak Oil. However, there is little data to support this belief, and much to refute it(external link). It is imperative that you as a person become as knowledgeable about Peak Oil as possible, so that you will be able to make intelligent choices about your future, and the future of your family, and country. This website is designed to help you do that. Please read as many of the links as you can, but pay particular attention to the ones concerning Technocracy, for it is our understanding that Technocracy is the only scientifically viable solution to the problem of Peak Oil, and the only option for the continuation of our technological civilization.