Peak Oil and Technocracy

How You Can Help

As you can see from the preceding pages, Technocracy presents the only design by which we can continue as a technological civilization, both during and after the global Peak Oil crisis. In order for this solution to be implemented, it must be installed by an informed population. Thus it is the mandate of this website, Technocracy.ca to make sure that this design is available to all citizens of North America in the most accessible and easy to understand ways possible. This is obviously a big job, and we need the help of every citizen who wants to see technological civilization continue for their children and grandchildren.

So what can you do? The first and most important thing you can do is learn all that you can about Technocracy. This website and community are designed to help you do that. You will find many resources on it, but if you have not already, you're best best is to start here. Take advantage of these tools, until you are certain as to whether Technocracy has the answer or not. Do not be discouraged or dissuaded if you do not understand it right away, or if it seems confusing or worrisome. Technocracy takes time to learn, and you will not realize its full potential until you understand all of its various "parts". (For more on this read {this article}.)

Once you are certain that Technocracy's plan is the right one for North America, you can join us in helping inform the citizens of North America about Technocracy, because it is absolutely necessary that as many people know about it as possible if it is going to work. There are numerous ways you can do this, either on your own, or working as part of a greater project.

For people interested in Technocracy but who live outside of North America, Technocracy may be able to help you as well! Check out our forums(external link) for information on Technocrats and Technocratic movements in other parts of the world.