Technocracy is not dead!

If you were to look in any historical book for information about Technocracy, the first thing you would notice is that this is rather difficult to do. The current "status-quo" (for lack of anyone specific to blame) has done an excellent job of keeping this information out of the hands of the public. This is indeed interesting as Technocracy was the biggest social movement of the Depression era.

But, if you were to find this information (from a non-Technocracy source, that is), it would be very likely that it would wrap up with the conclusion that Technocracy no longer exists as an organization or movement. Well, I can tell you as a matter of verifiable fact (Technocracy's favorite kind) that the reports of Technocracy's demise have been greatly exaggerated!

The central governing body of Technocracy, Continental HeadQuarters, is still operating and has been continuously since its birth in New York in 1933. It is true that membership has been in decline since around WWII, and this has been due to many factors. Because of its small membership, Technocracy Inc. has had to redirect its energies away from active promotion of the concept to simply keeping the information available to the public, in effect becoming "archivists" rather than activists or educators.

However, that does not mean that the movement is itself dead either. There are more people than ever interested in the ever-increasing problems they see around them today, and many are interested in Technocracy's uniquely scientific stance on the subject, tired of the disappointment they feel with the actions and rhetoric from politicians and economists. This website, among a few others, are taking up the role of active promotion and education in the hopes of making sure that as many people know about Technocracy as possible, so that when the time comes to make a choice, they will know what their choices are. It has never been more important to join this cause.