Today's cities are host to a plague of problems that most North Americans are more than used to. These problems stem from the method in which cities are planned, which is to say very little, which originated prior to mechanized transportation. Thus, todays cities would be ideally suited, save for their size, to a community of villagers. However, the pressures of large populations and the presence of high technology demand the need for something completely new. One such solution is Technocracy's Urbanates.

Here are some of the problems we find in today's cities:

  • Lack of initial design allows continuous growth to problematic levels
  • Industrial, commercial, and residential areas are uncoordinated, and randomly placed, causing problems of duplication
  • Large size coupled with compact and haphazard growth necessitates a huge, resource wasting transportation system (usually automobiles) for passengers and cargo. Added to this is the current dominance of fossil fuel burning for energy, which amounts to spending far more energy than necessary for the same amount of work, and making a correspondingly high level of pollution.

Technocracy has shown that people can live lives equal to or even greater than the ones we live now by spending even less energy, time, and resources on transportation than we do now, but only through the intelligent and planned construction and operation of Urbanates.

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Cities as Projected by Technocracy by John Berge

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