The Two Sides of Technocracy

Here is a brief explanation of the relationship between the Technical and Democratic sides of Technocracy. While it is impossible to say which side goes first due its cyclical nature, we shall start with the Democratic.

The population of the Technate would go about their business as consumers, taking items as they need from conveniently located distribution centers, having them delivered to their homes, or partaking of various services. This would be the Democracy in action.

This is where the Technical side takes over. These distribution and service centers would then instantly send their data to a central office of the Distribution Sequence. Here would be tallied, in real time, the total consumption of the population. With this information, decisions would then be made and given to the producing sequences who would replenish missing stock in time for the period of consumption. How to go about producing these goods and services would be up to the various Functional Sequences of the Technate. These experts would determine, scientifically and mathematically the fastest, most efficient way to produce and distribute these goods and services to the populace. If there is a drop this year in one product and an increase in another, this information would be instantly known and could be dealt with without any citizens likely having noticed the change. This neatly does away with most of the guess work that goes into supply and demand balancing that currently occurs in society, with millions of different corporations trying to do the same work that this single, integrated organization could perform easily and efficiently, much to the benefit of its citizens.

Thus, as you can see, the population decides what they want and how much, and the government decides exactly the best way to get it to them, and is indeed responsible for doing so.

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