About Technocracy Inc.

Technocracy is the only North American social movement with a North American program which has become widespread on this Continent. It has no affiliation with any other organization, group or association either in North America or elsewhere. The basic unit of Technocracy is the chartered Section consisting of a minimum of 50 members. It is not a commercial organization or a political parry; it has no financial subsidy or endowments and has no debts. Technocracy is supported entirely by the dues and donations of its own members. The widespread membership activities of Technocracy are performed voluntarily; no royalties, commissions or bonuses are paid, and only a small full-time staff receives subsistence allowances. The annual dues are $15.00 which are paid by the member to his local Section. Members wear the chromium and vermilion insignia of Technocracy the Monad, an ancient generic symbol signifying balance.

Technocracy originated in the winter of 19l8-19l9 when Howard Scott formed a group of scientists, engineers, and architects that became known in 1920 as the Technical Alliance - a research organization. In 1933 it was incorporated under the laws of the State of New York as a non-profit, non-political, non-sectarian membership organization. In 1934 Howard Scott, Director~in-Chief, made his first Continental lecture tour which laid the foundation of the present Continent-wide membership organization. Since that time Technocracy has consistently maintained its activities which are directed toward bringing its social proposals to the attention of the public.

There are units and Members of Technocracy in most States in the United States and in most Provinces in Canada, and in addition there are members in numerous other places with the Armed Forces. Members of Technocracy are glad to travel many miles to discuss Technocracy's Program with any interested people and Continental Headquarters will be pleased to inform anyone of the location of the nearest Technocracy unit.

Technocracy was built in North America by North Americans. It is composed of North American citizens of all walks of life. Technocracy's membership is a composite of all the occupations, economic levels, races and religions which make up this Continent. Membership is open only to North American citizens. Aliens and politicians are not eligible. (By politicians is meant those holding elective office or active office in a political party.) Doctor, lawyer, storekeeper, farmer, mechanic, teacher, preacher, or housewife - so long as you are a patriotic North American - you are welcome in Technocracy.

(note by Kolzene: This was written quite some time ago, and many of the assertions made here are no longer applicable. For example, there are no longer members in most states and provinces in the US and Canada respectively as membership has declined steadily since the 1950s. Also, Technocracy Inc.'s mandate is no longer that of actively promoting Technocracy, but simply keeping the information available to those who are interested. It has ceased to be an educational and research organization and instead become archivists of original Technocracy publications.)