Who should be I concerned/interested in Technocracy?

Technocracy is an idea that concerns everyone, but perhaps most importantly the people living in North America. The reason is that Technocracy was developed in response to research done that told us many things about the way our economy works. This may not sound interesting, but the implications of this research cannot be ignored, and in order to implement the solution, every citizen on the continent will need to at least be aware of Technocracy.

The reason Technocracy's conclusions are important are:

  • The style of resource distribution we are using (in other words the way in which people get the goods and services they need to live and be happy) is completely incompatible with the modern way in which we acquire and produce those goods and services
  • Most of the social problems we have today (crime, unemployment, poverty, pollution, resource depletion, climate change, and wars) are caused in large part by this incompatibility
  • Due to the nature of our economic system, this incompatibility will only grow worse with time, and at an accelerating rate
  • Addressing this issue in an objective, scientific manner like Technocracy does can not only help alleviate most of these problems, but produce better lives for everyone, bringing us the benefits of modern technology that we should have to a level relative to the level of technological achievement

The reasons that this is more important to North America are:

  • This incompatibility is greatest in North America
  • The problems caused by the incompatibility are worst in North America
  • The solution to this incompatibility would be most easily and quickly performed there, for many reasons
  • Due to the level of negative influences North America has on the rest of the world, more of the rest of the world would benefit from this change occurring in North America than anywhere else

So to summarize, if we ignore Technocracy and continue doing things the way we are, things will only get worse for everyone, and there is no way to solve these problems without it because the fundamental properties of our system make it impossible to solve those problems while it still exists. Since this article does not address what those properties are (see elsewhere on this site), we can illustrate this by using the analogy of trying to cure a cancer patient without actually getting rid of the cancerous tissue.

There is also a time concern as well, as to why we should not put off learning about this solution and then implementing it. The reasons are:

  • The longer we wait, more people will continue to suffer these problems that otherwise would not need to
  • Performing this change will require resources that are quickly being depleted, and technology dependent on those resources to be operating. Thus, there will come a time in the near future where this solution will no longer be an option, and continued decline will be inevitable

This is not scare-mongering! These conclusions and statements are bold, yes, and indeed scary. Even the thought of changing to the unknown can be frightening. That is why it is our purpose to make sure that everyone is as well informed about the problems and this proposed solution as possible, so that they can make an informed decision, without fear of what they are getting into. It is very likely that you, if you put in the time necessary to understand Technocracy (it's not that hard, but does take more than a few minutes!), that you will see exactly why this is so important, and why we as a civilization have a chance to improve things, but no choice.

That phrase: "no choice", may also sound scary, but it is true, and not a bad thing actually. I am not saying that choice is bad, quite the opposite. By adopting Technocracy we would in fact have greater freedom than ever before. So if you prefer to think of us having a choice, our choice is this: things get worse, or things get better. That is what I mean by having no choice, because I don't know anyone that actually wants things to get worse.

I also know this article raises a thousand questions. Why are things getting worse? How can they get better? Why can't we have more choice in how they get better? What if I don't like this new kind of society you are proposing? Etc. That is what this page is for. Technocracy is a strange idea, but only because we are not accustomed to thinking of these topics in this way. But it is well thought-out, it is objectively verifiable, and you can understand it, if you put in the time.

How much time? That depends largely on how much you know about these topics already, and how many myths you may be unintentionally harboring. We all have things we have been taught about how our society works that are in fact not correct, and it may be necessary to unlearn these first. That is usually difficult for many people, especially given that most of us believe that most of these topics are ruled by differences of opinion. If you are going to learn about Technocracy, you have to keep one important thing in mind:

Some things are a matter of opinion, while others are a matter of fact. Most of the confusing and conflict in our society comes from the mixing up of facts and opinions, so it is important that you know which is which whenever anything important is discussed. For instance, many people treat unconfirmable opinions like facts, whether that be whether humans are basically good or evil, or whether a particular dessert is "good" or not. These are matters of opinion. Technocracy only deals in facts, and while facts can and are changed when new evidence arises, they are still not treated in the same way as opinions. This is why the first lesson in the Technocracy Study Course deals exactly with this distinction. It may seem elementary and not worth bothering about, but everyone makes mistakes of this kind, and when something is this important, it is absolutely necessary to know how to be 100% objective about it. We can help you with that to, if you like, but in the meantime, simply keep this in mind when reading the rest of this site, or discussing these topics. It will serve you well.

Technocracy can work if you give it the time to understand. The worst thing that can happen if you do and it turns out that it doesn't work is that you will now know for sure, which is not a bad thing, really. The worst thing that can happen if Technocracy is right, but ignored, even by enough people, is the disaster that it has predicted. But the best thing that can happen, if you take the time and it is right, is very good indeed.

So where do you go from here: Try the Beginner's Page first.