Urbanates are Technocracy's solution to most of the problems found in the major cities of today. Briefly, urbanates would have the following properties:

  • Small size (perhaps 20,000-100,000 people)
  • Planned, top-down design
  • Pre-installed, integrated transportation, utilities, and communications
  • Safe, pollution free environment

No more traffic jams, smog, long travel times, and lack of parking spaces, which are just some of the benefits of urbanates. Their overall design philosophy is scientific, and their final design will provide the citizens living in them with these advantages in accord with the goals of Technocratic living. By being planned from the start, Urbanates do not constantly expand in a random fashion that necessitates the use of inefficient forms of transportation, such as the automobile. Urbanates would instead employ a functional and convenient form of mass-transit that may resemble a cross between a sub-way system and elevators. Combined with its small size making most destinations within walking distance, transportation in an Urbanate would be quick and worry free. They would also contain all of the distribution, health care, education, and recreation centers that would be needed and desired by the population of these cities of the future.

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A Place To Live In by Wilton Ivie discusses more in depth the reasons and design of Urbanates.

Utilities Distribution Planning shows how utilities such as water, gas, and even packages may be handled in a Technate.

Cities as Projected by Technocracy by John Berge

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