What is the Technocracy Katascopic Project?

The TKP is a Technocracy initiative with the same goal as the rest of the Technocracy movement: the education of North Americans about Technocracy, as well as the continued research that will help us to one day build the Technate. What makes the TKP unique is in its approach, which uses the same katascopic process described in the Technocracy Study Course and TTCD, and used by many successful organizations today. It is thus Technocratic in both form and function, practicing what we preach, as they say.

What is the Katascopic Process?

The Katascopic Process is the "top-down" approach used by any successful engineering or technology design firm. This process can also be used in many other applications, such as the creation and coordination of a continent-wide education campaign. More information on the katascopic process can be found in the TKP FAQ(external link) and TKP Articles sections.

What can you do?

The TKProject is currently looking for developers for the initial research and design of the Katascopic Plan. If you are interested in helping out at this stage, contact us, or check out our TKP FAQ(external link) and TKP Articles for more information.

More Information

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