Technocracy Promotion

Telling others about Technocracy can be harder than it looks. Very often you will run into people who don't like the idea, or simply won't listen. With a little help, you can increase your chances of getting your point across so that people understand.

It is important to keep in mind however that person-to-person promotion, while it will always be needed, will never get enough people properly informed about Technocracy in order to actually enact it. So while it is good to learn how to present Technocracy to others effectively, it is also good to look at and even participate in more organized activities. As per the advantages of the Katascopic process, 10 people each telling people about Technocracy separately will never be as effective as 10 people working together in a properly organized manner. For more information on this, please see the Technocracy Katascopic Project.

Here are some resources to help with your personal promotion efforts:

Basics of Personal Promotion
Pamphlets and other handouts

More ideas for Technocracy Promotion can be discussed in the Forums.