A Statement of the Social Objectives of Technocracy


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This is one of the initial public statements made by the newly-incorporated Technocracy, Inc.

Scanned in and lightly proofread by trent.

Technocracy's survey of the economic situation in America, and in the world, leads to the assumption of an imminent and progressive social instability under price system operation, with corresponding social disorder, that will threaten large portions of the people with decreasing purchasing power and consequently, increasing hardship and deprivation.

Technocracy believes that in order to avoid the consequences of such a debacle it is imperative to organize a disciplined body which will resist the forces of disruption and insure the free flow of food and other necessities to the population at large during the time of crisis and afterward in the period of readjustment.

Technocracy believes that once the present order has demonstrated its operational incapacity it will be the function of its engineers and technologists to put into operation a permanent productive and distributive system which will harness the energy resources of the country for the mutual benefit of the entire population on a continent-wide basis. The term "technologists" is used in the broadest sense and includes, as well as scientists and engineers, educators and experts in such other departments of human activity as are functionally necessary for the operation of the social mechanism.

Technocracy believes that the free and independent spirit of the American people will not be satisfied with the irrational assumptions of Communism, or with the hollow mockery of Fascism, and that a large measure of anarchy and disorder may be avoided by adherence to a program consistent with American tradition. Technocracy is unconditionally opposed to and will struggle against such subversive and revolutionary systems and any other attempts to place this country under a dictatorship in whatever guise.

Technocracy stands ready with a plan to salvage American civilization, if and when democracy as now functioning can no longer cope with the inherent disruptive forces.

Technocracy believes that the substitution of technologists in place of politicians and profiteers will be demanded by the people, sick unto death of the insecurity and deprivation that are the inevitable concomitants of the present ways of doing business-that the substitution of scientific national management for the present muddling, wasteful and ineffectual political and economic set-up represents the simple and natural progression of the American genius.

Technocracy is not misled by emotional optimism created by temporary palliatives. Its findings prove why no "new deal," but an entirely "new game," based upon an accurate "balanced load" method of social control is the only solution for the problems facing this continent.

The American nation was founded on the assumption that every man has a right to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." Technocracy amplifies this original intention. Today political liberty does not suffice. Possessing, as this continental area does, sufficient personnel and equipment to guarantee equality of income and security to all, Technocracy is being designed to perpetuate against all aggressors those "inalienable rights" promised the American people by the founding fathers and endemic to this continent.

March, 1933
Continental Headquarters