North America Is Too Complicated To Be Run By Politics!

Information Brief Number 64

  • We still have no coordinated Continent-wide transportation system (including transport by waterway, rail, air, roadway and pipeline). . .
  • No large-scale plan for collecting the produce of farms, mines, forest and fisheries...
  • And no equitable, coordinated system for distributing North America's great material abundance.
  • Air, water and soil pollution are threatening our very existence...
  • Housing is haphazard, inefficient, high cost.

The pressure of population and the depletion of strategic natural resources make essential, efficient, total planning.

North America needs objective, efficient scientific administration in order to pass on to every citizen the full benefits of our productive capacity.

Why not measurement instead of value?

To say today that "the dollar isn't what it used to be" carries a meaning far beyond mere inflation. Despite the edicts and subterfuges at various governments, especially that of the United States, the future of our monetary economy (including its offspring, the so-called Eurodollar) is admitted to be dubious, even by those who would have the most to gain by the maintenance of public confidence in the status quo. The combined United States public and private debt is near four trillion dollars, and it is rising rapidly. Debt is out-distancing production. Even though it is a nonphysical entity, inherently there is a limit to its growth, too.

Money is an expression of value, value stated in terms of price; that is why our monetary structure is referred to as a Price System. It is universal; it exists independently of whether the means of production are in the hands at individuals, corporations or governments, or whether the economy is mixed.

Price depends on scarcity. For the past thousands of years, mankind has lived under conditions of natural scarcity. It still does so in most parts of the world. Only in North America has technology advanced to the stage where scarcity has is be imposed artificially in order yo maintain the Price System.

The opposite of scarcity is abundance. Our people are being prevented from enjoying abundance in an equitable fashion due to monumental efforts to forestall social change. It's a continuing struggle.

The only alternative is the use of evaluation as a means of distribution is the utilization of the concept of measurement. The energy certificate, or energy card, proposed by Technocracy is the only measurable means of distribution that has been put forward. Energy is the common measurable denominator of all production. It represents the physical cost of production.

Essentially, the main steps to be taken would be as follows:
  1. the total amount of energy used in the production of goods and services during a given period of time would be determined;
  2. from this total would be deducted the estimated operating costs for the period, including the operation and maintenance of productive equipment and the provision of local transportation, housing, education, health care, and so on;
  3. the balance would be distributed on an equal basis to the adult population (minors would receive graduated allowances).

The energy certificate would not be transferable. Your guaranteed-for-life income could not be stolen; you could not give it away; you could not lose it, gamble with it, or invest it.

It would be noncumulative; you could not save it or hoard it. It would not bear interest. If you did not spend it all, it would be canceled at the end of the period during which it was valid.

Think of it: no more poverty, no slums, the best in nutrition available to all, more than adequate clothing, full education, the finest possible health protection, crime reduced to the minimum, no "selling (or renting) of one's body," no taxes, no insurance premiums, no inane repetitious commercial advertising, and no need for welfare, charity or philanthropy. Bribery, graft, corruption, and economic domination of some of us over the rest of us would become physically impossible.

Why not measurement instead of value? Because, as of now, the status quo is still viable, and people are resistant to change. But Technocrats are convinced that the Price System is moribund, and they are trying to prepare the public for what they consider is essential to our very survival, a new way to distribute goods and services.