The Goals of a Technocratic society are simply to provide its citizens with the highest possible standard of living while maintaining the ability to do this for the longest possible period. It accomplishes this through the intelligent use of technology to increase productive output while decreasing the amount of work required by the population. The stability, freedom, and purchasing power to be experienced by the citizens of North America in the 21st century would be unparalleled anywhere else in the world, or throughout history.

Here is an expanded list of Technocracy's Goals:

  • The highest possible standard of living for all citizens
  • Reducing the amount of work required to produce this abundance<*> to the minimum required by using machines to do as much as possible
  • Providing a Sustainable Economy<*> by employing several methods, including:
    • Minimizing waste of resources, natural and otherwise
    • Minimizing if not eliminating pollution and other forms of environmental damage
    • Using a non-fluctuating economic method of distribution<*> such as Energy Accounting?<*>
  • Providing all citizens with the maximum latitude in choice of goods and services
  • Providing social programs free of charge and of the highest quality possible given current technology, including health care and education, to all citizens
  • Providing adequate defence and security of all citizens without unduly restricting the rights of the individual

Words preceding a <*> can be found in the Glossary page by clicking on the star.

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