Technocracy Inc. was one of the first environmental organizations, founded back in 1933. Technocracy realized that the Price System form of scarcity economics relied on continuous, exponential growth in order to survive. In the pre-industrial world, this was not a bad thing (or very bad, depending on how you look at it) since each economy could only grow so much, according to the Price System Life Cycle?. Modern technology however, starting with the Steam Engine, and progressing to factories, robots, and computers, have allowed Price System economies to extend their power far beyond what would normally keep them in check, devouring ever greater amounts of resources and causing escalating amounts of damage to the environment without regard to the consequences.

These modern trends have been curbed somewhat thanks to environmental legislation by many governments, but this legislation naturally hurts the economy. With corporations? getting increasingly more powerful, and hence influential with politicians, governments are losing the ability to keep this trend under control. With the technologies available today and in the near future, along with the massive power (both physical and financial) of modern corporations, our planet and its ecosystems (including humans) have never been in more danger.

Technocracy has stated, long before much of this was a problem, that this would happen, and that the solution lied in having a sustainable, balanced economy, one not based on exponential growth. Far from advocating the return to an agrarian society, Technocracy instead has shown that a very comfortable, high-tech lifestyle can be had by all citizens of North America (and possibly beyond) if only we get rid of the wasteful practices of the Price System and adopt its program of intelligent resource management. The answer does not lie in self-restraint, or moral fortitude, but rather in simply applying what we already know about science and engineering to the entire problem?, rather than just the pieces of it. How to accomplish this exactly is not difficult to understand, but it is different enough from the way we do things now that it does take a little while to understand. But understand it we all must if we are to make it happen, and thus save our planet and ourselves.

The following articles touch upon environmental concerns and how Technocracy relates to them. To understand exactly how Technocracy works will require further reading on this site.

The Ecology of Man - Technocracy's seminal piece on the subject
Eleven Reasons Technocracy Works - Shows some of the ways that Technocracy can eliminate waste (among other things) by using its program