The Benefits of Technocracy

What We Lose What We Gain
Scarcity<*> Based EconomyAbundance<*> of Goods and Services
Fluctuating CostsStable Distribution<*> System
Uncertainty of IncomeSecurity from Birth to Death
Near endless work and toil for a livingPlentiful Free Time for Personal Life
Opinion based legislationAdministration by Scientific Planning/Democracy
Limited Education SystemFree, Quality Education for All
Waste by DuplicationPlanned Balance of Production
Limited Health Care AccessFull Health Care a Basic Right
Extreme Variance of IncomeIncome on Equal Basis
Technological Disemployment<*>Machines reduce work needed, not jobs
Transferable CurrencySafe consuming power
Conspicuous Consumption<*>Strict protection of resources
Transportation Haphazard and wastefulSimplified, Economical Transport
Unplanned HousingSafe, comfortable, Modern Housing
Pollution RampantConservation a Priority
Commodities Priced in Exchange<*>Energy Cost Base of Distribution<*>
Poverty and Homelessness WidespreadAll Citizens Assured of Needs

Words preceding a <*> can be found in the Glossary page by clicking on the star.