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We feel that the findings of this scientific breakthrough are important enough that everyone should have at least some familiarity with the idea. Why is this? The following links will help there:

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If you already have a basic grasp of Technocracy, but are still not sure about it, this page should provide you with resources to help round out your knowledge so that you can decide whether Technocracy is something you should be involved in. Remember that Technocracy is a big topic, and it takes some time to understand it properly. If you do not, then you could be rejecting (or blindly accepting, which is just as bad) the most important idea of our time.


Once you understand Technocracy, you should see why the participation of every citizen of North America is needed in order to make this happen, and why this change must happen soon or it will never happen at all. There are many ways to help let people know about Technocracy. Here are a couple good resources:

Technocracy Promotion - Some quick ideas on how to help promote Technocracy on a small scale, by simply talking to people about it.
The Technocracy Katascopic Project - A longer-term project aiming to organize Technocracy education and promotion in the most effective and efficient way possible, which is essential if we are ever going to make it happen.

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